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  1. The difference in sound between the strings
  2. string lengths
  3. The Length of your 'B' String?
  4. To The Smith Strings I Used Before...
  5. What string to choose?
  6. Fresh Strings?
  7. Taper Core set question
  8. medium to medium-light
  9. Your fretless string of choice?
  10. New strings
  11. What do you do with your old strings?
  12. new strings
  13. Switching KS master strings to KS tapered strings question
  14. Factory default strings
  15. new strings, again
  16. Bass Burners Taper Core
  17. best to slap??
  18. Another question about slapping...
  19. Am I an IDIOT?
  20. Ken Smith Taper Core Bass Burners Question
  21. New strings setup (nut re-cutting?)
  22. Jay Leno, Tonight show with Ricky Minor and Smith Strings
  23. How to properly change my stings
  24. Medium light set up
  25. Smith String Tension
  26. Silk on Low B extends over nut
  27. “Smith Bass Strings”
  28. String Setup
  29. Best Strings for detuning a whole step
  30. Slick Rounds for fretless?