View Full Version : Two U-Tubes I found with me in it.

Ken Smith
08-17-2013, 09:55 PM
This is the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia. It is a reading orchestra with a different conductor each week and different music. They tell us a few weeks at most in advance what we will be playing each week. We show up and read thru it and put it away. No rehearsals, no concerts. Just reading and playing. Sometimes we will play it all thru after going over a few spots and sometimes not. I am playing 3rd bass here, the one with the c-extension. Not 100% sure which bass I took out that night but maybe the Lion head from the shape of the bass as it's not so clear.

You can see me thru the entire first video. On the 2nd, you can see me at 5:40, same night and a glimpse towards the end as well.