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John Stein 05-29-2019 05:29 PM

Hello from Central Illinois!
Hi! My bass journey began in 1980 when I started high school in Hawaii. I signed up for beginning band wanting to play flute, but a registration error put me in beginning concert band. I saw an old Kay bass in the storage closet, and said I could play that (I had played violin for a few years before that). I taught myself to play, and moved up to the top concert band the next year, and then continued in orchestra when I went to college at the University of Florida. I was the principal bass for three years, until the Dean of the Music Department declared that all principals must be music majors. I also played in the Gainesville Chamber Orchestra.

I played a bit of electric bass after graduation, and after many years, picked up a Rogue fretless acoustic bass and started playing at church. I now play electric bass primarily at church, and own five electric basses (including a Uke bass), three of which are fretless. Several years ago my wife bought me a used Cecilio double bass from a guitar store in the area, and I'm finally getting my chops back. I play in the orchestra for the Lincoln Area Music Society in Lincoln, IL, and play a bit for the Lincoln Community Theater (both electric and upright).

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