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Eric Hochberg 08-14-2017 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by Gerry Grable (Post 28044)
I'm still having trouble getting a good, dependable setting on my big band gig. I've given up the 10- Band equalizer and am just using the amp itself. I'm still not sure how to use the special controls: the three Bright, Contour, Vintage buttons, and whether or not they can be used together in combinations? Also the Overdrive: Drive and Level knobs. I just turn them off while on the gig. I don't think I need overdrive for jazz. Then there's the Gain control. Should I use it with only the bass, low mid, high mid and treble EQs or turn it off?
I have the copper Gage pickup. Could it be going? I also have a pesky wolf tone that seems to come and go.
I know it sounds like one of those TV drug commercials but: Other than (a list of a dozen bad reactions) it's a very good product for the money 🤔.

I used that amp for a week and decided it did not have the eq capabilities to get me the sound I need. I use a Stat B pickup which is very full range and the Rumbles primary sound seemed to be a very deep, boomy, bass tone, without the usable mids I like. The Realist pickup is very low-end pronounced, producing few usable mids or highs, and I can see where that could be a bigger problem whencombined with the Rumble.

The only way to judge the various controls on an amp are to take some time and experiment with them. One thing I disliked about the gain control was that it doesn't shut the volume off when turned all the way counter clockwise. A very strange feature. The amp doesn't have a mute control, either.

NickArran 02-03-2020 02:07 PM

Mmm, so I spent 320 on a realist sound clip .... and Ken Smith uses a 74 shadow!

Anyway just a mention for PJB bass amps. The flight case is very transparent. Head to head with an AE coda it was hard to choose, but the PJB works well with electric bass ( in a gentle HiFi way). Not loud though. I need an extra powered extension cab playing in a sextet ( electric guitar and piano, and acdrummercwo's into big bands)

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