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John Tompson 11-13-2013 11:17 PM

Greetings from Portland, Oregon
I find myself "late to the party" on a regular basis but in the realm of Ken Smith Basses, it's even more the case. I'm fortunate not to be as late as Ed Friedland, though, with all due respect for Ed Friedland, of course!! It's funny when you look at the site and how "1997" it is and it says "World's Greatest Basses Since 1978" and you're run of the mill ******* is thinking "Yea right."

I'd sent Ken a message about some goofy wood combination and he said "call me" so I did and told him what I wanted in a fretless (midrange emphasized "singing" characteristics) but I'd also decided on a BSR4GN fretless because of cost-to-features ratio and he said to go with either shedua top and back over walnut or inbuia/walnut. I went with shedua with a walnut core and he NAILED it.

The Bass is a freak. I've had it a month and I play it an hour every day. I play things I've never been able to play on any other instrument I've ever owned (and I've owned a few). I need a fretted one, now. I have noticed on the forum a number of you have mentioned that you only wanted one but ended up with a bunch of them. This Bass proves to me that the bass guitar and the Electric Bass are not necessarily the same thing.

I currently play in a Kinks tribute band where no fretless was ever used in 30 years of recording history...but there are so many places fretless fits and this fretless can do everything. So Saturday 11/16/13, my Smith is making its public debut, come hell or high water.

The next task is what to choose for a fretted's just amazing to have a Bass I don't have to fight with at all. Now...what might be mind-altering for some is that the bass was built from scratch (I'd requested the DD straplocks which appear on bolt-on models) and it was finished a month later which was very surprising!

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