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L A C Jonsson 10-07-2021 10:09 AM

My first DB. I would like to know more...
Finally I bought a double bass. It is old and has no labels of any kind.
Please help me to get more information Origin, maker, age, value (if possible)
Solid top, roundback but hard to see if it is ply or solid, ebony fingerboard.
Sounds good and even (but my knowledge is limited....)

Ken Smith 10-07-2021 12:47 PM

Hard to tell from the pictures if this is laminated or not. Only a close look at the edges thru the varnish can tell. Hi-res pics of the edges that I can blow up will help. The bass is Germanic in make and can be 50-80 years old.

The Scribble on the upper back is probably not original and this bass has had some serious repairs. Only a personal close inspection can valuate the repairs.

The back on the outside looks to be one piece, no center seam so the pics of the inside you showed on FB with the cleats might be fore the inner-laminate or, just for show, hence, laminated back.

I don't know what you paid but as I said, this is a heavily repaired bass from what I see. Repairs and corrections to repairs can be expensive. Returning a bass to its original condition if possible is usually much more than the old repairs as you have to un-do and re-do. 2-3x the cost. Missing old varnish can not be re-grown and this takes away from its value as well.

In the future, consult a bass Luthier before buying anything. It would be worth even to pay him for his advise, yea or nay.

L A C Jonsson 10-07-2021 02:29 PM

Thanks for your comments. I knew that the bass was repaired when I bought it and the price was 600 $.
My aim with the bass is to use it at home for practice, for recording purposes. It sounds and feels ok.
There is in fact a (re-glued) mid seem on the outside of the bottom, se attached pic.
You said that you found pictures of this bass on Facebook. I am not a FB user so it would be of interest for me to know where to find these pictures. But I have posted a request on the Talkbass forum in order to get more information about the bass.

The ebony fingerboard has no visible string marks which is odd for an old bass and it has a flat area under the E-string. Otherwise it is straight and flat with a relief of 2 mm.
The top edges clearly show annual rings but the bottom edges does not.
I am used to taking care of my own fretted instruments, repair- and setup work, and hope to be able to do minor things on this bass too.
Hope this information helps and I look forward to further comments. Thanks in advance!

Ken Smith 10-07-2021 04:20 PM

Sorry, maybe it was TB..

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