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Question ??

Originally Posted by jillcarol View Post
one of my friends is interested in buying a ken smith bass,he wants a mahogany core
smith call it as “swietania macrophylla”(Honduran Mahogany, from tropiacal america), and i saw "also african mahogany"
my question is whether both Honduran Mahogany and african mahogany are available now?
You should just call and ask me. What model bass is this? There has been problems with Tropical Mahogany for the lest 10 years or more and was placed on the endangered list. We have not bought any in at least that long. We have only been buying the African species for at least a decade and it works just as well or better for our uses. I might have a few pieces left of the old stock but it depends on the model of bass and size of wood needed. That is not a customer choice in that case as it fits where it fits in size.

Have your friend call me if he wants to buy a bass. That would be the best, quickest and most accurate way to get any questions answered than a public forum of people making guesses of what we do, have or don't.
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