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Default string length

Originally Posted by Morgan DeVoe View Post
String Length; 109 cm (43")
112cm (44") to back button. I wasn't sure what you meant by the top one sorry trying to learn as fast as I can.
Upper Bout; 52cm (20 1/2")
Middle Bout; 37 1/2cm (14 3/4")
Lower Bout; 65cm (25 1/2")
Ribs; 20cm tapers to 16cm at neck. (7 3/4" to 6 1/4")

Crack length is 64cm (25") long starting at bottom near the end pin. I'm hoping maybe that's better?

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it.
43" is considered 1" longer than desired in USA today. 40.5"-42" is the accepted norm these days. I have played longer but basses over 42" are more difficult to sell to Orchestra players and students.
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