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Lightbulb 'New Posts'

Originally Posted by Matthew Tucker View Post
I find there are so many forums here it is difficult to keep track of what is new.

I suggest you merge the OLD Basses into one forum and the NEW basses into one forum etc
Matt, at the top of every page in the top Bar is a link to "New Posts". You just click that and you will see all the New Posts since your last visit.

The Old Basses and New Basses has separated topics for a reason. These are all separate topics but still all Basses. If a person is trying to get specific info and they are all together, the search can take a long long time sifting thru all the posts and threads to find what he's looking for.

If you have Double Basses opened up with all the Topics shown, it's easy to see what's new there as well.

When I want to talk French, I don't wanna be in Italy or Germany. When I want to talk about a Kay Bass, I don't want to see a Chinese Basses either in the Thread. Kind of defeats the purpose I think.

If you haven't tried viewing it my way as shown in the Link above, try it and let me know how it works for you.