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Originally Posted by Ken Smith View Post
As of today, all sales, marketing and service or the KSD line of Basses and the new KSD Burner Basses will now be handled by D'Andrea of New York/PA.

Adam Levy & 'Brooklyn Gear' has turned over all KSD business to D'Andrea officially on this day via Email to both them and us, Ken Smith Basses.

D'Andrea is one of the most respected companies in the Music Business and has been for many many decades.

I will update the contact information for them and post it on this Forum.

D'Andrea has been the distributor on behalf of Brooklyn Gear for over a year now and for the last two shipments of KSD product has taken care of all business related to them. Adam Levy, owner of Brooklyn Gear hired them originally as a 'fulfillment center' for KSD over a year ago but came to the realization recently that it would be best to step aside and let D'Andrea run with this product line and deal directly with all sales and manufacturing for USA as well as International business.

I will meet with the top D'Andrea executive later this month to finalize our agreement for a smooth turnover to make and distribute all KSD Basses as done so in the past by Brooklyn Gear. The Burner model has been modified slightly and will be displayed in the near future on the D'Andrea website as well. This Burner model is not to be confused with the higher end handmade Hadrien Feraud models being produced by Sleek Elite (Hajime Harose) in Japan.

I can say this now from my experience with D'Andrea in the past, present and future that any problems of replacement parts or service will be handled going forward in the most professional manner this business has to offer. D'Andrea is truly a class act.

I would also like to add that with his graceful offer to turn the business over, Adam Levy of Brooklyn really did the best he could do with the resources at hand. This industry is not as easy to succeed in as it sometimes looks. Adam had some difficulties with the previous factory in Korea for many reasons that were unforeseen until it was too late. Recovering from these problems did not look possible. At his expense, he sought out another factory, re-tooled the KSD line and even brought back to life the Smith Burner Designs and production capabilities. I wish him the best success in his future ventures in business.

('KSD' & 'Ken Smith Design' are trademarks of Ken Smith & Ken Smith Basses)

PS: Those of you that also Chat over on TalkBass are welcome to pass on this new KSD information over there. I will do my best to make sure that problems of the past can be handled through D'Andrea and bring this KSD product concept back to the top of the marketplace where it belongs.

sounds great
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