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Exclamation TB Lame Brains..

I just read this, post #4;

A KSD Burner with the BSR body and head. It's NOT my design? Really? I remember Adam Levy (Brooklyn Gear) coming over and I gave him body and head samples of the 4, 5 and 6 string models? The circuit is modeled after my 4 knob BT. D'Andrea now makes/imports and sells these (BG is no longer in business.)

Maybe I better check my payroll records for some Ghost that is doing my design work when I'm home sleeping!

And, this guy named Bongomania (his mother named him that?.. poor kid).. works as a rep for EXAR pedals in several countries as listed in his profile;
EXAR pedals rep for USA, Canada, Mexico

Maybe I should contact them and mention how he is spreading false rumors on-line about me. I wonder if he does this with other companies?

Can someone go over to TB and let them know this guy is on the loose? Also, what's his name? I might need than when I contact the company he claims to represent while bashing me in public.
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