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Originally Posted by Heber Ferreira Gomes View Post
Have 2 Ken Smith Burner, a deluxe and other Custom. are wonderful and are today with two great friends that lend me to use. Today I have a KSD proto 5, which I'm using to 2 years and never had to adjust the rod as the neck. Their KSD are fantastic and traded my Fender 5 for it due to the great sound of the B string due to scale out instead of 35 inches of 34. His idea of producing the bass guitar in China rather than their USA was due to low cost of labor? For this instrument, because of great quality, could receive the "label" "MADE IN USA". I wanted to know what circuit you use and if the pickups are made for you, KEN? There is the original replacement part eletronica if by chance one day a problem occurs? Sound that I love and I would always keep it original.
I am glad you like the basses of my design and input. The KSD basses are not basses by Ken Smith or Ken Smith Basses. They are made with design work from Ken Smith but made by another company and sold by them. We have nothing to do with sales or production of these basses. That is by the D'Andrea company.

If you want a Ken Smith Bass from USA, then we are talking about the basses we currently make already. We cannot compete with Asian labor or production and we have no interest in making Fender-like copy basses here in out shop. That is why there is a KSD/'Ken Smith Design' branch of operation.

Please read the other thread that lists this information here in the KSD section, where I moved this thread to.
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