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Originally Posted by Chris Elton View Post
I must say, I am very disappointed in Brooklyn Gear and their support or lack there of the KSD line. I have called them and emailed them with no return calls or emails. In fairness to Brooklyn Gear, I am also disappointed in the lack of support from the shop I purchased my KSD from. The guy just said order a standard replacement set and it should fit. Not sure what he meant by that statement since a little to no research will tell you there is no "standard" out there unless you modding a Fender.

I would like to think that they would know exactly what the dimensions of the pickups are and it would take them 10 seconds to research and let me know.

Now it's up to trial and error. I will post my findings here once I finally find a set that will fit.
I am sorry for the trouble you are having BG is in the middle of a move as far as their distribution center goes. I just emailed him this link so you can expect some type of reply soon. They are also just back from NAMM a week ago.

As far as dealers go, it is not unusual for them to take money and then either tell you the first thing that's easier for their brain or send you to the manufacturer. Both are wrong as they take your money and are supposed to service you just like a car dealer. This industry sucks for service and I am not afraid to admit it. Most stores are hobbies for lazy or failed musicians and not professional business men. The chains can be just as bad but for different reasons. Either they don't know squat or the can't do anything about it with out an act from congress or.. a little of both. This my friends is the sad sad music products business.

As I said before, the pickups are both Bridge sized Pickups but not all brands measure exactly the same.
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