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Lightbulb think?

Originally Posted by Thomas Erickson View Post
Well, I don't know how the math works really so I suppose the tension might work out to be about right - but I think the problem has more to do with the fact that the solo strings are also thin. It isn't like they're a lower-tension string and can thus be tuned up a semitone; they're just a light gauge (thin) version of the same string. So tuned down (EADG), even if the tension of the longer string length is closer to normal, they still feel strange I think.

edit: actually, I'm not sure that makes sense. Have to think about this.
Thomas, rather than think about it, try it!

Some basses work better with solo strings. My Blockless sounded great with them and with no loss of tone or power. Actually, heavier or normal strings can 'choke' a top and the sound as well.
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