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I read this thread with great interest since I've been basically scouring the internet for information on bows. I stumbled across Charles Espey's Blog and read every post about bow making he wrote. This post about the relationship between bow camber and the overall concept for the bow warns against corrections that depart from the maker's intentions. A very interesting variance of opinions must be held by many people. When I called Susan Lipkins to put my name on her list, I mentioned one bow of mine(an overly flexible/weak Steven Reilly bow). She suggested that she could make adjustments to the camber and improve the bow. I don't doubt that she could greatly improve this stick's performance - she can. It may just be better to get a new bow (which I already have) then bother with correcting a bow I have begun to outgrow anyway. I haven't decided whether I will go down the road of correcting the bow or simply sell it as is and buy another.
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