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Cool humm?

Originally Posted by Eric Swanson View Post
Turns out I misunderstood (not my first time, either ); the structural integrity will be the same, whether its a new frog or a restored one. I was talking with Jerry Pasewicz yesterday about it, as we were discussing the job.

In light of that, I am also inclined to go with a restored frog, just to keep as much original material in place as possible. My concern is that if the restoration doesn't happen now, the original frog may never be fixed. So, as the bow's current steward, I feel somewhat obligated to have it mended, rather than as a collection of broken parts.

Interestingly, Mr. Pasewicz mentioned that many players routinely have him make reproduction frogs, for daily use, so that they may keep their original frogs safe and out of harm's way. Perhaps, after I have the original restored, I will also go with the duplicate frog approach.
Like I said, I haven't seen the damage so I can't comment on the usage part. If he mentioned it can be restored for less than making a new Frog then gee, it's a no brainier. Frogs don't usually get banged around and the Glues out there are stronger than the wood itself so it's a no brainier in my book.
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