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Originally Posted by Gerry Grable View Post
I'm still having trouble getting a good, dependable setting on my big band gig. I've given up the 10- Band equalizer and am just using the amp itself. I'm still not sure how to use the special controls: the three Bright, Contour, Vintage buttons, and whether or not they can be used together in combinations? Also the Overdrive: Drive and Level knobs. I just turn them off while on the gig. I don't think I need overdrive for jazz. Then there's the Gain control. Should I use it with only the bass, low mid, high mid and treble EQs or turn it off?
I have the copper Gage pickup. Could it be going? I also have a pesky wolf tone that seems to come and go.
I know it sounds like one of those TV drug commercials but: Other than (a list of a dozen bad reactions) it's a very good product for the money 🤔.
I used that amp for a week and decided it did not have the eq capabilities to get me the sound I need. I use a Stat B pickup which is very full range and the Rumbles primary sound seemed to be a very deep, boomy, bass tone, without the usable mids I like. The Realist pickup is very low-end pronounced, producing few usable mids or highs, and I can see where that could be a bigger problem whencombined with the Rumble.

The only way to judge the various controls on an amp are to take some time and experiment with them. One thing I disliked about the gain control was that it doesn't shut the volume off when turned all the way counter clockwise. A very strange feature. The amp doesn't have a mute control, either.
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