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I bet you don't know what that's short for!
First Day Back At School.
It was very hot today. Too Hot. Far too hot. Heat that has gone beyond a joke. Old Mr Hot has really overstepped the mark this time!
I had my form class of year 13 students. What a sullen lot!
They should now be old enough to have a few social skills, but this is Wainuiomata after all. Wainuiomata, down under. Way down under.
Most students are pleased to be back because they find the summer holidays too long and boring.
Not this old teacher though, I worked on my vibrato. Ah, thanks again Mr. Karr.
I also thought about other things that people had dicsussed on sites like this... there is another one, you know.
I prefer this one because it's run by Ken, who seems very knowlegeable and always courteous.
Well, the moderators on the other side are very nice and courteous too.
But I do like it here.
I tried using more rosin on my bow over the last few days... I have been using it sparingly. I tried a bass in a local music shop (Alistair's) and the bow I used seemed to grip really well. Lately I've tried loose bow, tighter bow, less rosin, a little more. When I play solo, even though many people say loose is best, I find myself wanting to tighten the bow. It gives a feeling of security and saves having to 'dig in' too much.
Any thoughts?
Come on, I know you're out there!
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