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Originally Posted by Ken Smith View Post
People tell me in a couple of sections I play in that THIS bass is louder then my much bigger Pollmann. Now set-up with a beautiful C-Extension so I can play all the written notes like with my other basses I use. Maybe I should switch favorites again?
I was using the Marconcini a couple of weeks back at rehearsals for a concert but felt it didn't have 'enough' so I brought my Lowendall for the concert. Last week I brought the Marconcini to an Orchestra rehearsal and my stand partner tells me as he did a year ago that this smaller Italian has more sound and roundness of tone than the other two big basses I usually play, the Pollmann 4/4 and the Lowendall.

I had solo strings on the Marconcini but felt they sounded to thin so first I tried a Flexocore mix and then a new set of Evah weichs like I had on the bass 4 years ago at the ISB in Rochester. These strings for me felt too slow and wide sounding with the bow, less center. Although watching Stefano Sciascia play it 4 years ago at the ISB with the same strings, he sounded great.

So, with the same solo set back on (original Flat Chrome G/D/A and Flex 92 E/C), the bass sounds good. I bought those strings back in 2011 for the Storioni for Leon Bosh to play on a recital but then he tells me he tunes up orchestra gauge strings. The bass was sold with Belcantos on it before Leon came over from the UK and used the Bollbach Lion instead.

So the Solo set I have on the bass is maybe 1-2 years of being strung up on at least two basses but are over 6 years old. I think the bright edge is gone now and they are mellowed out. Slightly thinner gauges and softer feel but on this bass, a huge round sound. Go figure!

I just put my pickup on the bass for a rehearsal this evening as I will have an amp for some of the tunes as the other 3 bass guys try and stay out of my way.. lol

With the ISB just around the corner in a few weeks, there is no way to tell what will be sold at or after the show so I want to get my licks in on this Italian before it's gone. If not, I think it might make it to the front of my line-up.

Marconcini (main all around bass), Lowendall (2nd Orch. bs), Pollmann (alt Orch. bs.), Kreutzer (shows, Pops, jazz bs.), Prague/Bina (home practice bs.).
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