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Cool well..

Originally Posted by Marc gervais View Post
Okay, the bass i bought is certainly no rocket ship but im looking to upgrade certain parts and i need a push in the right direction. First, the tailpiece is metal, my bandmate calls it a bangledesh bicycle fender, lol. Should i replace it with an ebony one? Composite? Does it really make that much difference? And second, the endpin is clearly cheap, i have it extended 5 1/2 inches and on certain notes, or if you accidentally bang it when playing it makes a terrible, really loud vibration noise.. any suggestions on whether or not to replace these items, with what and from which company would certainly be appreciated. Much thanks
First. get a teacher who is a professional Double bass player that also knows basses and also go to a professional double bass luthier as well. You can ask questions on line all day but we haven't seen your bass or seen you try and play it. Also, you have no idea who knows what on line when getting answers.

Pics of your bass and the right pics as well as pics of you playing it. The pics that can be used to help you with your problems.
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