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I bought my Smith new in 1989.

Well....actually I was in my last year of Jazz studies in university and saw the Pattiucci video. I wanted a Smith. So I sold my car, all my basses, and almost everything else a poor student could own so I could buy a Smith for my last year of school.

Called Ken and was told there was a 10 month waiting list. Not enough time to get it for my last two semesters.

Not to be dissuaded my friend knew a bass player that lived 5 hours from me that had 2 Smiths on order and was picking them up in a few weeks. He wasn't sure if he wanted a 5 or 6 string so he bought one of each. He planned on selling the one he didn't want. I called him and told him I would take which ever one he wanted to sell. He charged me a premium on top of the original price ( nice guy!) for essentially jumping to the front of the line.

Used my last few extra dollars to rent a car for the 5 hour drive because...well....I sold my car to buy it.

I tried both the 5 and six strings not knowing which one he was going to sell. I preferred the 5 string in walnut. Turns out the seller wanted to keep the 6 string.

It is the only bass I have ever bought new. Actually paid above retail due to the way I bought it. And in 30 + years - it is the only instrument I have kept and never sold.

I am sure the newer models are beautiful and sound incredible but for me - I still think the 3 band preamp with the black oversized headstock models are the best basses ever made.

The bass has war wounds from 100's of gigs and studio work. Something about playing an instrument that has had decades of vibrations going through the wood. Just perfect.
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