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Hi again :-)
The seller sendt the serial number, which is 904405
He says there are no letters there, just those numbers (but I will double check when it arrives).
I was just wondering if there was a different numbering scheme the first years of production?
Its a solid red finish 5-string, so I was wondering if the numbers meant that it is #440 in 1990 or if it's #4405 (which doesn't really makes sense if there was produced a total of about 2000 Burners and BRS'B' basses from 1989 to 1999 :-)

When you say "to date", you mean to date from production start in 1989, or to date for that given year?

As it's a 90-model, it must have the other circuit, then. What is the difference between these?
Thanks for the information! :-)

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