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This is totally off topic, but related. The bass-o-lin is not really what I was hoping for. Clevinger is one of those companies that will only deal directly with customers and there are no dealers. That bothers me, but I would like to have a Clevinger type instrument. The other thing that bothers me about them is that they are totally unwilling to customize anything.

It just occurs to me that if Ken Smith made an instrument similar in design to the Clevinger, it would be beyond compare to anything like that currently available. I know it might be like invading new territory, but the bass-o-lin is too much bass guitar and not enough double bass. I guess I could talk to that fellow, but it seems like too much of a hybrid animal and what I'm hoping for is an improvement on the EUB, although I don't like that moniker, I think the concept is a good one;- to have an instrument that is feed back free, that has a rich arco tone when amplified and identical dimensions to a DB.

Of the EUBs currently available, Ken, have you tried any of them or have a favorite or just an impression of how you view those that you are willing to share?
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