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Originally Posted by Ken Smith View Post
I have played a few and even owned a BabyBass back in the late from '68-'72 or so. Been there, done that..

You should hear my 5er with the Shadow PU and the SWR.. Wow.. My Loveri smokes, the Martini rumbles, the Gilkes scares, the Bisiach puts you back in the 60s and the Batchelder makes you cry all with the shadow pickup. Even my Shens sound and play great with an Amp and I have sold several Basses including the Italian Solo Bass, The Dodd and the Prescott that turned heads plugged in or not..

Why on earth would I even have a bad dream about playing on a 2x4 with strings on it? I like it real, gut shaking Bass notes with some old wood scarring the neighbors.. lol

Hitchcock's new thriller "Mommy, Mommy, The Bass is Playing"..

A Bass is a Bass and a Guitar is a Guitar. Toys are for children!
I can see your point all the way there, Ken, and for you, that approach probably does ruin what is the integral quality of a DB. But what happens when you want that big arco sound and have to travel by air and play some place with a mic'd up drummer? Do you bite the bullet and get a hard shell case and put it on a plane? I'm serious. The EUB is the last thing on my list, but it is on there because of gigs I played where the previous bassist with a pogo stick had a huge advantage over me because I could not control the feedback at the level needed to be heard. Is that when you just smile and break out a Black Tiger and go fusion??? I guess I could deal with that ....
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