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Originally Posted by Arnold Schnitzer View Post
Eric, is that a new frog? If not, wow!

Amazingly, that is the original frog, rebuilt, re-machined (with a custom milling machine tool, made for the frog), with new wood only added as needed. The "chevals" added to replace damaged ebony (as I have learned they are called), are essentially undetectable, even under close scrutiny. Naturally, there is the faintest shift in grain direction. The glue lines themselves are completely invisible. I am attaching some closeups.

He made a new button, underslide, inlays, and French Eyes. I am including a shot of the mangled originals, which he returned to me. The milling cutter for remachining the frog is in the photo's upper right corner.

He upgraded the mountings from the original nickel to silver. He also picked some really stunning inlay material; which is a touch more dramatic than the originals, which were blandly figured.

Apparently, he routinely makes new frogs for people who use older bows, so that the bow can be in action without the frog being at risk.

He offered me the option of rebuilding or making a matching frog. I took him up on his offer to rebuild. It is nothing short of amazing, from a couple of inches away.

Here's an article he wrote, with photos, on replacing a broken tongue:

He also filled the stick and removed all traces of the accident. Before this work, it looked as if an enthusiastic dog had been allowed to chew on it for an hour or so. Let's just say that having the stick run over by countless automobiles and trucks, on a paved street, did it no good...miraculously, the stick itself was not broken. Perhaps the bow case helped a tiny bit, before the bow was actually out of the case, lying on the asphalt...
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