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Exclamation Stamp?

Originally Posted by Shawn Charniga View Post
Oy. That's not a reply that inspires the confidence to risk most of a week's salary on the bow being what the stamp says it is.
Stamps and Labels are never a guarantee of what something is. There can be a 10:1 ratio or a 1000:1 of fakes vs real ones.

Only a person that knows Vitale's work from experience can tell you if it is his stick. MANY bows have been made with 'purchased' frogs. I am fairly sure that Biase would know if it is his stick or not.

You can PM me the price if you like. If it is a real Vitale, then either you are a 1%'er or the bow is selling cheap to buy that in less than just a full weeks salary. Or did you mean 'month's salary maybe?
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