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Lightbulb The Homer Mensch Gagliano...

Skinner's Auction House of Boston just auctioned off this Bass today.

I happen know this Bass personally. I have played it recently in NY, played with Homer playing that Gagliano Bass in a section and had him beside me playing it with me on Electric Bass in the studio. It is a beautiful Bass. As with many old Basses, they have been repaired by many many people over the centuries and too often we see undesirable work that is sometimes irreversible.

This Bass could do with a major restoration but some things that have been done, cannot be un-done. At some point in its life, the Bass was cut down from a larger size. I have seen a nearly identical Gagliano side by side to this one that was in its original state size-wise.

I had a concert today, the day of the Auction so I could not go and bid on the Bass personally. Also, I recently compared my old Italian Cornerless Bass to it and I favored the type of sound and thicker tone of my Bass. Someone will end up with this great Bass either way before long. It just wont be me.
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