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Cool and more..

In case you guys were not aware Skinner's collects an additional 17.5% commission on the final price from the winning bidder as well as deducts the same from the sellers net return.

A Bass bid to $100k will actually cost you $117,500.oo PLUS Sales Tax unless you are a Dealer with a registered Tax ID#. Then you only save the Tax!

I hear that Christy's Auction House just raised their fees to 25% to both the buyer and seller.. OUCH... Plus tax of course..

I think the Basses were willed to the Schools he taught in. After a year or so of them on the market, they decided to set the date of sale with this auction. A Tyrolean Bass and a Pfretzschner Bass are also being auction as well. It was thought that the Schools would have divided up the Basses but either they don't need them or can't agree on who gets the Gagliano or they just went for the money to be divided as Homer stated in his Will. I don't really profess to know all that much about the situation, just heard a few things.

I can tell you this though. I have heard through the walls that some serious bidders (and some not so serious) will show up for this Bass. It might be the most exciting Bass Auction in decades. One thing for sure, the winner is not walking away cheap on this one!

The low ball price of 60-80k is a scheme to entice bidders into a frenzy and it just might happen that way.

This time Monday a few days from now, this will all be history.

I have a concert on Sunday and will be using my own fine Italian Cornerless Bass so I will just wait and see like the rest of you guys..

That's all I have to say about that..
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