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Lightbulb Talk of Fakes (or Antiqued newer Basses) came up......

While bringing in the New Year, talk of Hungarian Fakes came up so I am starting this Thread to continue the discussion.

Ken McKay brought up the dates of the Bisiach Family when I showed a bass with Jeff's first Chromatic C-Extension that he made for me which I loved but then sold the Bass.

Originally Posted by Ken McKay View Post
Nice work by Jeff there. I appreciate the clean lines and simple design that is not fussy nor takes away from the original as much as possible.

Ken , in your link to that bass you state it is signed by Leandro Bisiach who died in 1946. It was signed by Leandro Bisiach Jr. At the top of the page shouldn't it read Bass by Giacomo and Leandro Bisiach? I have seen some cellos that were labeled Giacomo and Leandro Bisiach and a couple violins also. These were the two youngest sons, of four, of Leandro Bisiach. I think Leandro Bisiach Jr died in the 1970's.
Yes, I know the dates of the father and the sons but this Bass is NOT Italian. It came to me from Italy but after showing it to several people, we determined it was not Italian but some kind of copy.

I have some good information on its origin and some good info first hand from 3 sources IN Hungary about this Bass directly and some other suspected antiqued Basses.

Now that we are up to speed, let me fill you on on what I have learned in the following Post..
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