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Lightbulb “Smith Bass Strings”

We have noticed that with the recent decline of Independent music stores in the United States and abroad, customers are sometimes having a harder time finding Smith Strings in their area. We now have a number of independent online dealers who always have our strings in stock as well as a few Ebay stores that stock and sell Smith Strings.

Buying strings online can be a valuable time saver for musicians. Order by Email or Phone and have them shipped to your door. Save on gas, parking, driving time and in most cases, sales tax. You only pay for the strings and the shipping.

Here is a partial list of USA based online shops that sell Smith Bass Strings: 800-822-3953 310-218-7643 215-244-4079 818-850-7500 877-830-0722 877-839-3531 877-227-3963

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