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Lightbulb ah.. well..

The old Lion relationship has come to an abrupt end. About two months ago, I got a call about a bass coming available. After playing it for a few minutes I took the plunge and bought it. After comparing it to the old Lion, I decided that it was a better bass for me than the old Lion that had just replaced the Hart that was recently sold.

So, my new bass which is restoration at the moment is an Italian bass by Custode Marcucci made in 1897. I played 2 concerts with it at the end of the season as well as a week long show which was the first working test. For me, it does everything better as well as comfort and tone. The old Lion is in the process of being sold. It would be hard looking at it in the rack and not playing it. I have two outdoor concerts coming up soon which I usually use the Kreutzer for protective reasons. Before next season starts, I will have the Marcucci back from restoration and all warmed up. I think THIS is my last bass change, 'bows crossed'!
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