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Last night I took out the Pallotta Lion (made by Jeff Bollbach) to a rehearsal. The main reason was to test it a little bit more before sending it back to Jeff for a C-Extension. It would be made with a double wheel and no hole thru the head, with the extension form fitted over the Lion.

Last night, between stops from the conductor, my stand partner tells me how good the bass sounds and how well I was playing it. He has heard me play over 15 different basses in 4 different orchestras over the last 4 years.

Today, out if the blue he calls me to tell me specifically how well the Bollbach fit me in playing and sound last night and reiterated he was only calling me for that reason. He asked if I would keep that Bass as my personal one going forward. I replied.."Maybe" .. We were playing Sibelius 2, which I had played about 4x in 4 other orchestras in the last year. So I asked, "was it maybe because I knew the piece from just playing it 4x last year?"
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