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Lightbulb so..

Originally Posted by Ken Smith View Post
People tell me in a couple of sections I play in that THIS bass is louder then my much bigger Pollmann. Now set-up with a beautiful C-Extension so I can play all the written notes like with my other basses I use. Maybe I should switch favorites again?
After a few jobs using the Marconcini and also having the Marcucci back in my rack (with different strings now, OFC's instead of Bel's), I have decided to pack up the Marconcini and leave it ready for sale and to also switch back to the Marcucci as my main Bass and hold on to it rather than have it up for sale.

The Marcucci just fits me in all the ways the Marconcini does not. It's a personal thing despite how great the Marconcini. I do feel fortunate that I was able to have both basses job-ready this past year to compare them now that the Marconcini has a C-Extension and can go out on jobs where it is needed. But, it's packed up now and waiting for a new home!
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