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Default Any updates from anyone? And several questions

Hi everyone. I'm coming over from the Talkbass forum. Recently I purchased a KSD Proto J left handed sunburst. It is really a well made instrument. I like the electronics much more than the Fenders. The neck is gorgeous-- feels like it's 30 years old! In a very good way--like it's very broken in, very comfortable. It's easy to dial in a very low action.

Has anyone else been using these, and is the company even still in business? i see a couple on sale at Adirondack Guitars online, but never even hear of KSD anymore. To me it seems like such a pity because the product obviously was made with so much care and thought went into design.

My KSD is a lefty, but I restring my basses righty. Does anyone know if there's KSD distributor? I would like to buy an bass nut for my KSD.

I hope someone is reading this forum. Mr. Ken Smith, if you are reading this, please give the KSD line some attention and promote. You designed a SUPER product! I know you have no direct access to the actual basses, but a little bit of promotion would sell these excellent products!

Thank you for listening.
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