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Default Finally...

A Luthier in Vienna just sent me pictures of an old Blockless-made bass dated 1790 by one of the Hornsteiner's in Mittenwald. Also, he tells me that this style of making is still being taught there as well. So for me, this is a break thru as it's only the second Label I have ever seen in a Blockless style bass. The first was a Bass I had back in the mid '70s labeled Sebastian Klotz, 1791, also Mittenwald. I never knew if it was real but it was possible. Probably many of these basses were made anonymous for the export trade but also for domestic sale where the labels could have been left in. Also they were made in various grades and sizes from 1/2-4/4 and from plain un-purfled wood to high figured flamed maple with nice grade narrow purfling.

My Blockless bass has this wood as well as very small corner blocks like this Hornsteiner has and similar size purfling.
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