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Old 04-12-2009, 11:46 AM
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Cool New Product now available! (KSB advertisement)

For the past few years we have been toying with an idea that I'm going to share with you now. Although it is not yet ready for Market, it IS in the final stages of Design.

The Product is an outboard B.M.T. Preamp with a Practice Amp feature built in as well.

It is the exact same Preamp as used on our Basses but has been physically re-designed to fit in a small Box that can be clicked on and off with a foot switch.

With so many passive Fender type Basses on the market today, this will give you a Smith Preamp without needing any modifications to the Bass. Currently when a person installs a new preamp (ours or some other) it is IN the Bass. When you sell that Bass for whatever reason, taking it out might not be a good thing to do especially if it leaves unused holes that were added for the modification. In addition, the Bass you sell may not fetch any higher higher price due to the modification done to the instrument. With the Preamp outboard, you can sell the Bass and KEEP the Preamp to use with any other Bass you like.

With the D.I.P. switches inside the Box, this can also be used for the Double Bass that has a Pickup on it or even a Guitar. Actually, you can probably play Trumpet thru it as well as anything else you like since the EQ frequencies span such a broad range.

Taking a trip by Car, on a Bus or Train somewhere? Sit in the back seat (of the Car, recommended ) and plug your instrument in, hook up your head phones, use the PreAmp/Practice Amp on batteries or plug it into the DC charger (normally used for phone, GPS or lighter.. 'don't smoke') and practice while the other person Drives... Even with a Smith Bass, you can use this product if for nothing else but to practice with on a trip or late at night at home, in your Dorm room or even back stage on your Gig Breaks because it has the headphone feature.

So, do you guys think this is something you can find a use for?

Your thoughts? Questions? DB players, please post here in the discussion Thread

The name of the Product? Well, it has a name but you will see it printed on the box when it comes out..
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Old 04-20-2009, 12:35 PM
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Lightbulb Testing completed..

I just finished the last basic test with the headphones. Everything up to that point had been tested and approved.

I hope to have a working proto-type to show in early June at the upcoming Double Bass convention (ISB) being held at Penn State (June 8-13) which is only about 3 hours drive from my shop.

Those of you that are attending the show are welcome to come by, say hello, try whatever we have on display (DBs for DB players only, lol) and even visit the shop the following week if you are still in the area.

After the first few units are completed, I will post some pictures as well as a full listing of all the features and specs.

Although I have had a few requests or suggestion as to what to put in this box, we will have to stay with our original plan to keep the board designs and box size originally planned as well as to keep the cost down.
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Old 06-18-2010, 07:44 AM
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Default Papa


This looks very, very sweet.

I like the safety warning about not driving while playing. Smart, timely, and amusing disclaimer, considering the kinds of things one sees folks doing on the road.

Saw a woman talking on the phone as she put on eye makeup, last week. She was steering with her knees, cruising on the Mass turnpike, at about 70mph. If she had two more arms she may well have been playing a bass, too...

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Old 07-23-2010, 12:31 AM
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Thumbs up PAPA in action..

Tonight for the first time ever, I used my own PAPA on a gig. It was an outdoor park venue in Philly with a 5-pc combo. The leader emailed me yesterday and said to save schlepping I could leave my amp home and just go through the sound system. I brought the PAPA so I could EQ it to my liking and boost or cut volume or EQ if need be between tunes. I worked out great. I tested it in the office with the bass I was bringing but was surprised how great it sounded live, outdoors and without an amp near me.

By the way, I left the DIP settings on the normal default which is how they are set in the Smith basses. It works just fine with a 3/4 Czech bass thru a portable sound system. They all said the bass sounded good and there was plenty of it as well.

My fingers don't hurt hardly at all after 2 sets in a park without an amp..
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