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Old 01-23-2007, 11:12 PM
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Lightbulb The German School and such..

Just breaking the ice here to get the Ball rolling. Also, I think it would be the best forum to discuss the history of the 'infamous' Blockless Wonder' Basses we love or fear so much depending on what side of the bench you're looking from.

I have played several of these in various states of repair (or lack thereof), some with a Block long since added and some as original as the day they were made. These were made in various qualities as well. One thing I can't figure out is where they were made, by which shop or shops and from about when to when. From what I have heard and read, they span from before 1800 to after 1900 making this a 100+ year model. Of the two Germanic region Basses I have owned that were made Blockless, both had a Block and both were great Basses. One had a label 'Sebastian Klotz 1791' etc. This was a small 7/8ths without Purfling and a flat back. The other was what we called a 5/8ths with a 40" S.L., with a round back and fully purfled. I would only guess that this was a style of making and not a single shop turning out various grades and models from the two I owned. This is not to say that a shop would only make it one way. Just that my two Basses had no apparent connection other than the raised neck block aka, 'the Blockless smoking gun'.

So, time to start up this section with stories, pics and questions on Basses from Germany and eastward. Pre 1920 Basses including those from Austrian Tyrol, Vienna, Bohemia, Hungary, and encompassing the Austro-Hungry Region should be posted here. The 20th Century shop type basses made for export or not should be posted in German/Czech Shop Basses.
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