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Old 05-21-2008, 10:41 PM
David Newcomb David Newcomb is offline
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Default issue with barcus berry pickup bridge?


I've been trying to find ways to amplify my Kay and its getting frustrating.

It's an old M1 that came with a Barcus Berry Bridge system already installed.

I got a fishman BII and made sure theres a fresh battery in it. I get lots of hum but no real signal.

To make matters more confusing, if i plug the bass into a Digitech BP80 I get signal-I can play the AUB all day amplified through the digitech if i want to use an effect or amp model... the digitech is a multi-effects unit with modeling amps in it-but ive always read that a buffer preamp was best so i could play something that really sounded like the upright when i played amplified.

I have never felt comfortable playing upright with other musicians and can get plenty of volume just to practice without an amp so never tried to work this stuff out...but id like to jam with a drummer and am not sure what the issue could be. I think its the ancient pickup system but im new to amplified upright...

Anyone have any ideas?

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Old 05-23-2008, 11:46 AM
Martin Byrne Martin Byrne is offline
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Which Barcus pickup is it Dave?
I had the system that you clamped onto the bridge and hung its preamp off the tailpiece. I have to say that I was never happy with the sound, from your symptoms, I suspect there is a fault with the Fishman pre.
Pickups on Double Basses are a real case of trial and error. I have a Gauge Realist on my number one Bass, it sounded great so I put one on my number 2 Bass......awful. I replaced it with a Fishman Full circle and thats the pickup that works on that instrument....go figure.
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