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Old 03-12-2014, 04:26 AM
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Lightbulb 1973 recording on the radio today..

I was in my car earlier on the way for a haircut when this tune came on the xm radio Sinatra Station. It was Michelle Lee singing 'Nobody does it Like Me' from the 1973 Broadway Show cast album of See Saw. Guess who the bass player was??? I had a Wenzel Wilfer bass then that I had bought a year or so before from MetMusic (Juzek) that was the top of the line then, violin corner Italian model with high flame and golden varnish. I used Spirocores then and bowed them just fine. Looking now on Youtube I found this same recording and a few others.. .. On this track 'My City', I played Electric bass (probably a suped up Fender back then, flatwounds I think) and at 3:21-3:22 marker near the end of the tune, I snuck in a tri-tone. They let me get away with a fill from time to time.. .. On this tune 'Welcome to the Holiday Inn' I played it also on the Wilfer and got a bit of a 'tick-tack' finger sound on the bass. Quite effective. By the way, I was barely 21 years old when I did this.. .. This is all I could find for now so enjoy it. All of this was recorded at Columbia Studios on 30th Street in NYC in 1973, early part of the year I believe.
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