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  1. Your first Bass Books...
  2. What's in your CD player/iPod?
  3. Vibrato advice from Gary Karr
  4. Modern Pieces
  5. David Grossman
  6. Edgar Meyer (CD)
  7. Fiddle music
  8. Contrabass Conversations
  9. Karr/Dimoff vomit exercise
  10. Richard's Serious Thread About Getting Better on the Double Bass.
  11. Standing/Sitting
  12. Holding your bass
  13. Bluegrass Slap
  14. Difficult Pieces?
  15. Boguslaw Furtok; Johnterryl Plumeri's (Terry Plumeri's) "Across the River's Dream"
  16. Come Sunday
  17. Terry Plumeri murdered last week